This Week at Duncanby

Aug 30-Sept 6th
Hello friends here is the last this week of season 19 from the happiest place on the coast the home of memories and moments and the Duncanby Difference.
Our last group of the season was an awesome group of old friends and family who brought some new members with them. Weather and fishing was absolutely incredible. Everyone went home with Salmon Halibut Lingers and rock fish fillets to be shared with family and friends. Huge shout out to Mellissa on here 32 lbs Tyee release bringing us to 65 of 69 Tyee’s released this year. Jason the spirit of the Tie Dye has never gone to a better person than you our brother. Lenny thanks for your kind words and memories on feast night we couldn’t have had a better guy say some words at the last ever feast night in the old restaurant. So many incredible memories and moments have been shared over the last 19 years of our family ownership of Duncanby and for all the others from 1936 to 2003 prior to us. She will be missed but we are excited to make new memories in the new building. There will be a few items or treasures as I call them of the old in the new. Dg ,Lucky Socks, Shot Gun, Brother Mike and I flew out on Sept 1st so that we could be at the Perfect Angel Sydney Olivia and Sammy’s wedding. There wedding was absolutely perfect and we all danced till the wee hours under the stars. We flew back on on the 4th for rig down with the crew which is always tough on me and many of us as we really don’t want our season to end. We did have a family dinner celebration at the cabin last night which probably went on a little longer than it should have but oh well celebrations and traditions are important.
Thanks to all of our guests this year we truly cherish our relationships with you. A huge thanks to our partners Seair, Central Coast Marine Services, Wilderness Airlines, Bridgeview Marine, Pacific Net and Twine, GFS, Port Hardy Liquor Store, Vancouver Island Brewing, Wild Flower Tie Dye, Pollen Sweaters and so many more. You are all a huge part of the Duncanby Difference. To our season 19 crew thanks for a great season. So many memories and moments shared. Most of you will be back with us next season to continue the magic that we are together. For those not returning we know that your time at Duncanby will be remembered fondly for the rest of your days.
This will be the last this week till season 20 next year. We will update construction progress as we go.
Till next year friends we wish you joy and the spirit of the Tie Dye in your hearts. Always remember to be humble and kind its never wrong. Tell those that you love that you love them every chance you get.
Life is good


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